LCF Group Announces Partnership with Global Leader in Integrated Data Analysis, upSWOT

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New capabilities are Designed to Enhance a Business’s Access to Capital, Boost Business Credit Scores, and Track Financial Dimensions.

LCF Group, a small business funding provider, partners with upSWOT, a leading fintech platform to connect financial business applications for integrated data analysis. The objective of this partnership is to provide modern digital banking tools to businesses to enable their financial growth and access to capital.

“The partnership with upSWOT will allow LCF Group to empower companies with customized and consolidated access to data from their CRM, accounting, ERP, and other essential business software to create a financial viability profile,” says Robert Kleiber, COO of The LCF Group.

“As a business funding provider, we are providing the Financial Health Monitor to our clients to help them better understand their financial health, gain greater access to capital and build their business credit,” added Kleiber.

Business owners can import banking transactions and business data from their most-used apps. The platform can synthesize data from over 150 applications used by SMB customers. These applications include popular accounting, ERP, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, marketing, and POS business applications.

How the new capabilities work:

The solution provides a powerful range of decision-support tools and actionable insights to the business owner such as cash flow forecasts, hypothetical (“what if?”) case scenarios, and future capital requirements.

The business owner will also have the option of sharing their data with credit bureaus, enhancing their business credit score. The business credit score is never decreased as a result of data provided through the platform.

Dmitry Norenko, CEO of upSWOT comments, “We are proud to partner with LCF Group to make the attainment of financial success within reach of more businesses. Ultimately, not only will this help businesses thrive in the modern digital world, but also the communities in which they operate will become stronger.”
About upSWOT

upSWOT offers real-time SMB performance data, trends, and insights. The upSWOT platform, with connections to 150+ SaaS products used daily by small-medium enterprises, is a powerful add-on to digital banking offerings.

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About LCF Group

The LCF Group specializes in new and innovative models of risk management and utilizes daily sales data from thousands of businesses and agencies to create customized funding programs.

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