Empower SMB customers with data-driven embedded finance tools

Build a more profitable relationship with SMB customers by helping them boost performance. Just add three lines of code to your online portal to offer a full set of powerful embedded finance tools 

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Financially Empower SMBs Directly through Your Company's Online Portal

SMB Customers Improve Profitability

Incorporate our powerful embedded finance tools into your company’s online portal to enable SMBs to improve credit scores, make better decisions through tailored insights, better manage cash flow, and access quality financing. All without straining their already limited resources.

Your Company Also Reaps Rewards

With administrative access to customer data and insights, your team can easily provide timely support or product offers. Special tools include digital underwriting processes, portfolio management tools, and early warning systems for non-performing accounts. This means reduced stress and more profitable customer relationships.


Financial Institution Business Case

Relationship Insights

Help your relationship managers uncover the right insights at the right time to create a lasting, valued partnership with your business clients.

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Pilot Program Launches Within Days

Integration with upSWOT technologies is not required, so it is simple to quickly provide proof of concept and value to your institution. Sign up for a quick start today.

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 The Technical Details

Our embedded finance and business management tech is easy to integrate – just add three lines of code for a white-labeled plug-in! Deploy in SaaS, private or public cloud environments.

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150+ App Connections

Integrations with over 150 SaaS applications your customers use every day, including accounting, ERP, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, marketing and POS applications.

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Who We Partner With

Any service provider with small business accounts (finance, logistics, communications, etc.) can benefit from offering upSWOT’s powerful suite of embedded finance tools.

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