Get actionable insights powered with standardized data from hundreds of apps SMB & Mid-Market companies regularly use

Become pro-active, more supportive, and risk aware thanks to continuous monitoring of the issues, risks, and real-time needs of your SMB (up to $70M in revenues) and Mid-Market clients (up to $1B in revenues)

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Mid-Market engagement grow by


SMB churn rate is reduced by


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About Upswot

Upswot is a white-label platform available both on-prem/private cloud and through a single RESTful API/SaaS

The platform is an add-on to online banking and on-boarding that motivates 74% of SMBs and Mid-Market companies to provide API-enabled, opt-in, continuous access to the financial, sales, and marketing data within the apps they regularly use to run their businesses

All the raw data shared is turned into standardized data which is continuously re-assessed to provide risk, marketing, and business insights for the benefit of both the Bank and the Bank’s Client

Our Products

The pilot takes up to three days to launch without any need in integration

Paperless onboarding

“Positive interaction” 
Make paperless and more engaging all credit, deposit, leasing, banking guarantee, and other application processes for your SMB/Mid-Market clients

Tracking system

“Marketing automation” 
Based on ongoing re-assessment of the issues and needs the Bank clients face, Upswot sends highly personalized sales offers at the right time to the right client

Coming soon

SMB Dashboard

“White-label Mint”
White-label dd-on to online banking where SMB/Mid-Market companies can combine all their apps in a single screen to get insights into their cash flow, sales, and operations

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