Real-time SMB performance data, trends, and insights

upSWOT platform, with connections to 150+ SaaS products used daily by small-medium enterprises, is a powerful add-on to your digital banking offering. Deploy as a white-label plug-in or build your own with our robust APIs

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Small-Medium Enterprise Business Case

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Business Insights

Help your SMBs make decisions with actionable insights, personalized advice, and cashflow forecasts right within their banking portal.

Relationship Insights

Help your relationship managers uncover the right insights at the right time to create a lasting, valued partnership with your business clients.

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Sales insights dashboard. Uncover actionable insights that save time, money, and enhance relationship managers experience by making them more supportive, pro-active, and sales efficient.

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Pilot Program

The upSWOT Pilot Program can launch within days as proof of concept, without any need in integration. We make this process simple to quickly prove our value

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 Deployment Options

Our platform can seamlessly embed as a white-label solution or deploy via easy-to-use APIs to build unique UI/UX experiences

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150+ App Connections

Integrated with over 150 SaaS applications your customers use every day to run their businesses

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SaaS or Secured Cloud

upSWOT is available as SaaS or can be easily deployed on your secured private or public cloud environment (Azure, AWS, etc.) as Docker Container

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