Power marketing channels and relationship managers with deep insights into the issues & needs of your SMB clients

Upswot increases SMBfocused sales efficiency of the Banks by 15% with the help of 100+ API-enabled alternative data sources

Cut onboarding costs by up to


Increase  engagement by


SMBs that share the data


Increase cross and up-sell by


On-prem integration takes only

3-6 weeks

About Upswot

Upswot modifies online banking and onboarding the way that 74% of new and current SMB clients provide opt-in API-enabled access to business apps they regularly use

Upswot is an on-prem/private cloud white-label platform designed to standardize, structure, and continuously re-assess all the data shared to power marketing automation systems and relationship/branch managers with insights into SMB issues & needs 

Based on real-time tracking of the SMB events, Upswot automatically sends highly relevant SMS/eMail/Push offers at the right time, to the right SMB. While front-line managers become more pro-active and supportive knowing exactly what their clients need

Our Products

The pilot version takes only 2 weeks to launch without any need in integration

Paperless onboarding

“Positive interaction” 
Make paperless and more engaging all credit, deposit, leasing, banking guarantee, and other application processes for your SMB clients

Tracking system

“Insight-powered marketing automation” 
Real-time ongoing re-assessment of the issues and needs SMBs face in real-time to make Banks more supportive and pro-active

Coming soon

SMB Dashboard

“White-label Mint”
Standalone app or add-on to online banking where SMBs can combine all their business systems in a single screen to get insights into their business, sales, and operations

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