SME underwriting, pre-scoring, and ongoing tracking made fast & easy

Upswot provides Lenders with ongoing tracking of all positive and negative events SME face in real-time and automatically evaluates their actual business’ performance

Cut underwriting costs by


Underwriting & pre-scoring takes only

60 sec

The time saved for analysts


Increase acceptance rate by up to



10 weeks

About Upswot

Upswot is the WHITE-LABEL loan on-boarding platform with accurate underwriting, automated reporting, and ongoing monitoring of all crucial events based on the data from public registries (100+ countries), on-premise, and cloud-based accountancy, eWallets, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce systems SME & Self-Employed use 

After the loan is approved, Upswot will continuously monitor the borrowers’ actual business performance and instantly notify relevant departments of the Lender about all crucial events tracked that can influence sales, risks, fraud, and even churn rates

80+ Business Systems

Make loan & insurance application processes paperless, simple, and convenient for your clients





Public registries

How It Works

1. White-label service

Upswot is provided on Lenders’ servers as the ready-to-use actual business’ performance evaluation service which can be easily adjusted for any processes and needs of the Lender

• For the PoC and pilot stages, there is no need for integration and developers at all. We offer a cloud-based demo version on pre-installed dedicated servers

• The commercial version of Upswot can be integrated on Lender’s servers on Amazon, Azure, IBM, Oracle, private cloud, or dedicated on-premise servers, depending on the Lender’s preferences

2. Application process

The loan application module motivates SME & SE to share the data from the cloud and on-premise business systems they use. The more data they share, the better deal with the Lender they get


• On the website or mobile app of the Lender a borrower types his credentials from the accounts in cloud business systems. Thus, the borrower is giving the consent to get, analyze, and continuously track all the data, metrics, and even future events. No one sees login and password thanks to Oauth 2 protocol

• If the business system used by the borrower is on-premise (non cloud-based) and doesn’t support APIs, the borrower will get instructions on how to share the data through the file export option offered mostly by all business systems. Upswot will map, structure, and underwrite all the data shared automatically

3. Example of the interface

Interactive gamification motivates SME & SE to share the data which influences loan/credit line/banking guarantee terms and the chances to get the loan in real-time

Upswot can be easily connected to any internal system used by the Lender, including CRM, decision-making engine or/and Big Data systems through Upswot RESTful API

• Upswot can be used to provide various types of products, including banking guarantee, credit line, factoring, leasing, insurance, and even deposit products

4. Automated underwriting & pre-scoring

Automated analysis & recommendations. Upswot automatically underwrites all the data in up to only 60 seconds, saving days and even weeks of work for financial analysts, and millions of dollars for Lenders


• Based on the analyzed data, Upswot provides pre-scoring with the ready-to-use underwriting report to the analyst at the dashboard, and a recommendation score to the decision making engine

• The analyst can check all calculations, replace our formulas and algorithms with their own ones, download all the data to any other internal system, and adjust the underwriting and pre-score recommendation system depending on own preferences and risk acceptance of the Lender

5. "Red flags" tracking module

Upswot automatically notifies relevant departments and employees (also, updates the SME profile in a CRM) of the Lender in real-time if any positive or negative event occurs

 Continuous Underwriting. Upswot provides the ongoing real-time re-assessment of financial status of SME which triggers the Lender to make an offer when it is improved or propose restructuring if its worsened


Paperless Onboarding

SME & SE can apply for a loan by sharing the data from business systems they use in several clicks online, helping the Lenders to get a full and accurate overview of their businesses

"Thin file" Problem

Increase the acceptance rate by up to 25% by enriching decision-making process with non-traditional data from various business systems which are usually unavailable for Lenders

API-based Service

Upswot doesn’t screenscrape the data. Our technology is based on native API of external business systems only so that SME & SE could share the data in a safe and reliable way

Loan Re-Assessment

Upswot continuously tracks SME & SE even after the loan is approved and triggers the Lender to make an offer when the financial status is improved or propose restructuring if its worsened


Upswot saves a lot of time for SME & SE by automating reporting with the data pulled directly from Accountancy, ERP, eWallets, eCommerce, CRM, Logistics systems they use

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