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We are looking for an accomplished product manager (PM) to expand the boundaries of the upSWOT. The Product Manager position is responsible for delivering business value to drive sales, improve efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction through the production of a quality product. This is an exciting opportunity for a product manager with passion and curiosity for FinTech direction to create significant impacts.

Job Responsibilities

– Responsible for the Product development team;
– Ensure product is aligned with the company, stakeholder, and end-user priorities to drive sales, improve efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction;
– Manage cross-functional team and stakeholder expectations to execute product strategy;
– Document, review and ensure that all quality standards are met;
– Identify pros, cons, issues, obstacles, dependencies, and value associated with features and enhancements;
– Participate in standups, iteration planning sessions, product demos, and retrospectives;
– Foster collaboration with team members (developers, designers, QAs, and BAs.) to drive value and collectively identify and resolve impediments;
– Regularly work with the product team to continuously assess progress, disseminate lessons learned, and understand next steps;
– Exhibit active listening, facilitate sessions, and clearly communicate at all levels (Executive Leadership Team, project management office, the product development team, etc.) and in all formats the product’s long-term strategy which is used to prioritize short-term action;
– Formulate, test, and refine assumptions and hypotheses through user research and testing;
– Create, prioritize and accept user stories; incorporate them into release planning;
– Make product decisions that drive value on a daily basis
– Partner with the R&D department to better understand customers’ needs and assist in validating ideas;
– Monitor research as well as the competitive landscape to recommend the best solutions and ensure that products remain or become best in class;
– Evaluate research and market analysis on industry innovations and technology platforms to recommend the best possible solution;
– Direct Manager/Direct Reports – reports to Head of Product.

Job Requirements

– 3-5 years of relevant work experience;
– Experience working as a Product Manager in a modern software development-based enterprise environment;
– Experience working in a fast-paced, fluid environment where priorities shift on a regular basis;
– Experience communicating with and influencing functional and technical team members at all levels in the organization;
– Experience working as part of a collaborative, cross-functional, modern software design and development team;
– Experience conducting user research and testing to understand needs;
– Experience identifying goals, metrics, and analytics to measure product value;
– Experience conducting competitive research and analysis.

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    Product Team

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    Product Manager / Owner

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    40h / week

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