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Predictive data-driven insights for financial institutions

Predictive data-driven insights for financial institutions

upSWOT technology serves hundreds of FIs by helping them build loyalty and grow engagement with their business customers.

By ingesting data from dozens of SaaS applications, upSWOT delivers insights into trends and performance across your customer base to easily monitor churn and engagement. Leverage those insights and proactive alerts to strengthen the relationship and build loyalty with your business clients.

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Embedded business management tools for business owners

Embedded business management tools for business owners

upSWOT organizes data ingested from dozens of SaaS applications used by businesses. Our embedded finance and business management tools allow the financial institution to deliver real-time business insights and personalized recommendations to help business customers make data-informed business decisions.

Leverage the powerful suite of finance tools to assist business clients in improving their financial health and performance by monitoring financial, sales, and marketing data on a single platform.

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All of these features, delivered with just a few lines of code

We've pre-integrated the upSWOT platform into the world's leading digital banking providers. If you develop your own solution, upSWOT can be ready with just a few lines of code.

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Utilizing data from dozens of SaaS business applications and banking platforms

Revolutionize the relationships with your business customers using their own data. upSWOT utilizes data from dozens of business-critical SaaS applications, including popular accounting, ERP, payroll, eCommerce, CRM, marketing, and POS, and delivers personalized business insights to ensure you and your client thrive.


Hear it from our clients

Stephen Bohanon Stephen Bohanon

Stephen Bohanon

Founder, Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Alkami

"Business banking demands innovative technology that can harness data in real time and turn it into actionable insights. Adding upSWOT to our suite of business banking solutions, brings our clients—regional banks and credit unions—the data aggregation, visualization, and analytics they need to better support their customers and grow their business."

Andy Sheehan Andy Sheehan

Andy Sheehan

EVP, U.S. Open Banking, Mastercard

"Open banking is emerging as a powerful solution to fuel new and improved financial services for small business owners. We are excited to partner with upSWOT to make it easier for financial institutions to offer their small business customers the ability to benefit from their financial data to make decisions, demonstrate their ability to manage a loan, and run their businesses more efficiently."

Talene Shuck Talene Shuck

Talene Shuck

Head of Sales and Client Success, Moven

"We're doubly thrilled to be partnering with upSWOT. upSWOT is doing vital and unique work in the flourishing SMB space. And entering this sector with such a formidable partner is a great opportunity. As the digital economy expands and digital natives are finding more avenues to step out on their own, SMB support will be crucial for fintechs and community financial institutions. This partnership is perfectly timed to take advantage of this expanding opportunity."

Martin Bailey Martin Bailey

Martin Bailey

Product Director Innovation and Ecosystem, Temenos

"upSWOT is highly complementary to our business banking solution. Our research has shown that SMEs want insights from their bank and expect banks to understand them better. By integrating with their customers’ business software, banks can obtain actionable data to engage meaningfully with their customers and create deeper relationships. This dramatically improves banks’ ability to service their SME clients, a win-win for bank and customer."

Alex Keltner Alex Keltner

Alex Keltner

CEO & President, First Southern National Bank

"upSWOT's technology creates a unique win-win situation for financial institutions and their SMB customers. Banks and FinTechs alike can now offer timely credit products and efficiently scale their portfolio servicing operations. At the same time, SMBs, who form the backbone of our economy, have much-needed access to working capital and financial tools to ensure their success."

Farouk Ferchichi Farouk Ferchichi

Farouk Ferchichi

Global Head of Envestnet Data and Analytics

"Entering the SMB space will bring data-powered solutions to a wide range of business owners who have seen their financial needs and goals change drastically over the last two years. Introducing new solutions to the SMB market by actively working with our advisor, bank, and FinTech partners will not only deepen Envestnet’s data and technology capabilities in the market but will allow this SMB segment to gain insights and intelligence on their business’ finances."

Dinesh Venugopal Dinesh Venugopal

Dinesh Venugopal

Mphasis, Direct and Digital

"upSWOT is helping reimagine the way banks engage with and grow their relationships with SMBs. We are pleased to partner with upSWOT as a part of our 'Sparkle Innovation Program' at Mphasis."

Matthew March Matthew March

Matthew March

Chief Information Officer, Sunwest Bank

"Sunwest Bank is pleased to partner with upSWOT. The partnership between upSWOT and Sunwest Bank will provide great value, insight, and business benefit to our existing and future customers."

Taylor Adkins Taylor Adkins

Taylor Adkins

CPO Cion Digital

“Our partnership with UpSwot will give us access to hundreds of data sources and next-generation insights we can use to more intelligently match business owners to the financing they need, when they need it, and enable our customers to expand their digital offering with on-demand embedded finance and business management tools.”

Rebecca Licciardi Rebecca Licciardi

Rebecca Licciardi

Head, Business Banking Partnerships and Digital Transformation Standard Chartered Bank

“Standard Chartered is deeply committed to supporting SMEs in our markets, and our initiative with upSWOT is a perfect example of the Bank providing beyond-banking capabilities to our clients and proactively supporting their business growth. We will continue to extend to our SME clients innovative solutions that will help digitise their business.”

Robert Kleiber Robert Kleiber

Robert Kleiber

CCO The LCF Group

"The partnership with upSWOT will allow LCF Group to empower companies with customized and consolidated access to data from their CRM, accounting, ERP and other essential business software...”

Don Parker Don Parker

Don Parker

EVP of Partnerships MX

“The financial wellness of SMBs is a very important part of MX delivering on our mission to empower the world to be financially strong. With that in mind, MX and upSWOT are innovating together to help SMBs, who create two-thirds of net new jobs in the U.S., plan for better success and an even brighter future.”

Harpreet Arora Harpreet Arora

Harpreet Arora

Global BFSI Domain & Solutions Head Wipro Limited

“This partnership is in line with our belief that data is a strategic asset, and when harnessed properly, will improve business outcomes for small and medium size business.”

Steven Campanella Steven Campanella

Steven Campanella

Republic Bank Executive Vice President

"At Republic Bank, we strongly believe that a combination of personal relationships and advanced technology like upSWOT will position our business clients for success."