VEI competition

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Upswot didn’t win #VEI competition, but we are proud to be the only #Ukrainian team to get to the final out of 800 startups from all over the CEE region and represent our country in this competition
(Hope, the next year, our colleagues from Visa in Ukraine will organize the #VEI2020Kyiv. What do you think about this, Євген Лісняк (Yevgen Lisnyak), Svetlana Chirva?;)


1) After the pitch, we got 5 offers from banks to dive deeper into the product and launch the pilots

2) #Upswot will announce something very exciting in the following months. We formalized the joint business case with Visa, based on Visa APIs to structure, analyze, and score transactional POS data and business cards data of the SME employees to make more accurate loan decisions

Thus, if the organizing company and banks see the value in our technology, congrats to our COO for a great job done!

P.S. Some more news. Today, the U.K. government offered us to open the subsidiary in Leeds and support us in our scaling to the U.K.

On top of that, we are shortlisted for 50 000 pounds equity-free grant to help us in getting to the new market

#Fintechs, in the link below you can find useful information to get the same grant