Upswot to the TOP 5 startups

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Upswot has just got selected to the TOP 5 startups to meet with the top executives of Inversiones SURA CL and validate the joined business case

The new type of the client in asset management, strong support from Start-Up Chile (the top 10 global acceleration program), and the great product from our team is a perfect match to do the business in a sunny Santiago:)

P.S. #SURA Asset Management is a Latin American company, leader in pensions and specialist in savings,
investment and asset management. SURA manages assets owned by over 19 million people,
with operations over the region in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, and Uruguay. It is an
affiliate of Groupo SURA, as well as having first-level co-investors that are in a minority stake.
The company has a wide range of financial products and services, including:
* Asset Management: for corporate segments seeking an asset management specialist with
knowledge of and access to global and Latin American markets.
* Pensions: an industry in which the company leads in the region, per volume of assets managed.
In Chile through AFP Capital.
* Savings and investments: in which the company offers financial alternatives for various
segments of the population, and an area in which it is one of the major players in the region.