upSWOT team is proud to sign a multi-year contract with OnDeck Canada!

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#OnDeck Canada, a national leader in reliable, accessible, and efficient online lending for Canadian small businesses, is expanding its successful pilot with #upSWOT, a leading fintech platform to connect business applications for integrated data analysis. This multi-year partnership is bringing first-in-class alternative data-based technologies to small businesses, improving their access to capital and powering their decision-making capabilities. Small businesses have long been held back by their lack of sufficient business credit in order to get the right credit opportunities. We are excited to work with OnDeck Canada to offer enhanced-credit lending opportunities to more small businesses. This enables greater profitability, and ultimately, community wealth. Together, we will also help small businesses make better decisions, and ultimately, be more competitive in the global marketplace Peter Rennie, Mellisa Neveu, Stacey Gartner, David Souaid, Neil Wechsler, thanks a lot for the support and being open to innovations