Upswot Team Achievements October – December

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Team Achievements
October – December

1) We got the deal with one of the biggest global credit bureau group. The cooperation is starting in North America making #Upswot available to dozens of thousands of Banks, credit unions, and community banks

Upswot will be integrated on CB premises as a white-label, SaaS product. Thus, any CB client can start using our technology just in a couple of clicks

On top of that, we already got the same deals with 2 other credit bureaus in the countries of the former USSR, including one Ukrainian credit Bureau – Upswot is already integrated into #PVBKI and we will officially launch our cooperation in February 2020
Василий Глазунов (Vasyl Glazunov), all our team is very grateful for your support!

2) We got the #Fortune500 Insurance company in the U.S.
This huge corporation proves that our onboarding product and even SMB dashboard can change the insurance approach to SMBs too
Can’t wait the time when we can name this client after we officially launch in March 2020

3) We got new clients in Europe, including БАНК УРАЛСИБLemon Online, a challenger bank!, 2 new banks in #Belarus, 4 more in #Ukraine (2 of which are governmental ones), 1 in Spain, 2 others in CEE

4) We have just signed the first document with one of the biggest core banking providers (CBS) in the world. This huge corporation which has thousands of banks globally will integrate our technology and will make it as a part of their value proposition
Without any need in direct sales, passing legal, and compliance hell, any client of this corporation will get Upswot just in a couple of seconds. Very similar to the CB approach, but on-prem way to scale for our company

5) Our team is growing
We are strengthening both the data science and software development teams with new professionals. And to make all our efforts look great, we got a new UX/UI designer and a project manager
Welcome to the team Kseniya Yarmolovich, Nadia Nazarchuk, Оля Морозова (Olya Morozova)Оксана Абдуразакова, Maksim Pustovoit, Nikolay Lensikov, Ihor Laheriev

Finally, we are not a men’s club only!
And we are still hiring .Net developers, business analysts, data science professionals, project managers

6) We got a new office in the heart of #Kyiv. Please, come to visit us for a cup of coffee, especially, if you are a banker:)

7) Product development:

* New chapters in Technical documentation and User guide
* We implemented a new version of notification tool for relationship managers, underwrites and SMBs that ongoingly re-assess all the crucial changes in business systems
*UI\UX continuous updating – workplace management, system customization tools, licenses management, SMB Dashboard improvements based on the Banks’ feedback
* New languages added. Ask Dmytro Syvolap about them!
* More functionality in the “user permissions” section and new functionality in “workplaces”. Great job by Nikita Shkurchenko
* Thanks to hard work of Nikita Azarchenkov, Andrii Tkachenko, Sergey MalinevskiyNikita ShkurchenkoSerhii HusakСергей ГладченкоСергій Наточій and our ninja CTO Андрей Давидчук (Andry Davydchuk) we integrated, structured and cleaned the data from:
NovaPoshta, retailCRM, Yandex Wallet, amoCRM, Bitrix 24, TeamGate, PayU, Square,, Twitter for business, OK for business, VK for business, Stripe, and dozens of others
* Added new types of widgets for lots of systems already integrated. By this moment, we have at least 4 different types per system
* Development and implementation of the architecture to expand the possibility of dynamic connection of:
project controllers;
project libraries;
project authorization mechanisms;
project improvements to expand the database structure;
* Improvements for multilingualism;
* Development and implementation of the architecture for working with WebSocket, server communication
client-side applications;
* The development of the architecture for data collection from systems which are not requiring authorization data input;

8) Thanks to the advice of the team of one Big banking group (with which we are already working in 2 countries), we support #Docker container since November, making our platform much easier to deploy on banking premises. 
With the same Bank, we have passed the penetration test, proving the secureness of our technology – we changed a lot during and after the test making our product even more reliable

9) Our CEO is actively preparing for the Demo day at Berkeley SkyDeck which will officially wrap-up the 6 months long program which definitely helped us a lot in scaling to the biggest global market

10) We closed the SAFE with a $7.5M cap to support the contracts in the U.S. and help us prepare for a big round in spring


The first fully operational year for our company is coming to an end. We are actively growing, new people are joining our team, and there are lots of news we can’t disclose even partly

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends, colleagues, clients, competitors, investors and especially, our families!