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We are happy to join RBL_ START designed to match great fintechs with one of the biggest and most innovative banks in Poland

2 departments of Alior Bank SA voted for Upswot to solve current issues the bank faces and help them achieve strategic goals

This is the third corporate client working with us in Poland, but the first one which we can officially announce;)

Since today, Ярослав Ярославский together with Aleksander Kogut will actively work on the business case to prepare and launch the pilot which, we believe, will change the way the bank is interacting with SME

Kamila WincenciakKonrad Radzik, thanks a lot for your endless support and a great work done to make this happen for all the teams accepted by the bank

Without you… Well, you know how difficult is to push innovations to the bank without the support of the great people with innovative mindset:)