Upswot is launching cooperation with the Фингуру

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We are launching cooperation with the Фингуру which is one of the biggest accountancy providers in CEE!

The company specializes in providing accounting outsourcing services to small and medium businesses with a mix of human power and advanced software

#Finguru solves SMB problems in tax preparation and reporting, payroll/financial management, and cash flow predictions

Together, we will help small and medium-sized businesses become more efficient, especially during and after COVID-19 so that Finguru clients could:
– get free analytical tools that will help to get a 360-degree overview of their business, sales, and marketing processes in a single screen
– Get the best loan and deposit terms in a couple of clicks by sharing their business data directly with the banks through Finguru interface (yes, we will generate leads for the banks)

On top of that all the SMBs using the new tool will get additional benefits:
Free assessment of existing shortcomings and weaknesses which takes three days only through a completely digital process of pulling financial data. We will provide external independent verification and competent recommendations for business optimization:

1. We will track all major mistakes in reports
2. And check if the reports were submitted in a full and timely manner
3. To provide SMBs with details regarding all risks they can face based on the current accountancy situation

This a huge start for both companies and a new type of the client for #Upswot