UPSWOT is joining Bitrix24 ecosystem.

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We are very proud to join the Bitrix24 ecosystem

Hundreds of thousands of SMBs will become more efficient having a 360-degree overview of their businesses and all the processes through #Bitrix24:

1. SMBs in various countries will be able to connect their accounts in Quickbooks, Xero, 1C, Zoho, MoeDelo, and others to Bitrix24 and get the insights into P&L, payroll, taxes, utility bills, deposits, and credits, even having no financial or accountancy background
2. They will better understand their sales funnel and churn rates pulled directly from other CRM systems
3. They will get notifications if their marketing campaigns are going bad in MailChimp, Facebook for business or any other marketing system
4. They will get automated monitoring of their cashflow in Qiwi, PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, and accounts in other banks
5. Sales cycles, number of visitors, average check on Avito, Amazon, eBay, Allegro, Shopify, and dozens of other eCommerce systems will be easily accessible to track both positive and negative events

#Upswot will enrich Bitrix functionality with opt-in, authorized, API-enabled access to structured and visualized data coming from 92 business systems we already support

Right now we are working on customization of the dashboard to make it native for #Bitrix

Thanks a lot to Сергей Востриков (Serg Vostrikov) – the banks need to learn a lot from you and your company of how the business should be done

Сергей Рыжиков, you created a great, innovative, and tremendously responsive business. Well done!