upSWOT and Wipro to Ensure Small and Medium Businesses Have Access to Modern Digital Banking Tools for Financial Success

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upSWOT, a leading fintech that connects business applications for integrated data analysis, and Wipro Limited (NYSE: WIT, BSE: 507685, NSE: WIPRO), a leading technology services and consulting company, are partnering to ensure small and medium-sized businesses have the advanced modern digital banking tools they need to be financially successful.

This partnership provides banks access to our business health dashboard to address the financial demands of small and medium-sized businesses. The dashboard, powered by the business’s proprietary data can synthesize data from over 150 applications used by SMB customers. These applications include popular accounting, ERP, payroll, e-commerce, CRM, marketing, and POS business applications.

The platform leverages the data to provide businesses with impactful functionality. With the business’s permission, the data will be used by credit bureaus to boost the business’s credit score, which could lead to increased access to loans and more favorable interest rates.

Another key feature is an actionable insight generator. Based on multiple data streams selected, the application generates insights to help guide the business on the next steps for operational and financial improvement. Having access to these insights in real-time, without days or weeks of analysis, is a business catalyst for fast-paced growth. Finally, the platform provides cash flow forecasts, scenario analysis, business valuations, benchmarking, cash management tools, and access to personalized recommendations for credit products – everything as an embedded experience available in several lines of code.

Wipro brings extensive relationships with banks across six continents. With a presence across multiple industries, Wipro will ensure that this technology gets into the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. The partnership with Wipro expands this capability to more banks and provides support for implementation.

Dmitry Norenko, CEO of upSWOT comments, “Small and medium-sized businesses are struggling. Yet they have all of the ingredients for success – if they can just access the tools they need to be in charge of their own financial future. Our partnership with Wipro is about giving banks the opportunity to offer these businesses a financial powerhouse that does the heavy lifting for them. We expect that their owners and investors will be very pleased with the outcome!”

Harpreet Arora, Global BFSI Domain & Solutions Head, Wipro Limited said, “This partnership is in line with our belief that data is a strategic asset, and when harnessed properly, will improve business outcomes for small and medium-sized businesses. This type of access to data and technology will have a lasting impact and strengthen the financial sector.”

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