Ukranian Credit Bureau

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We are proud to announce that in the next couple of days we will finish the integration with #УБКИ so that all our clients will be able to get the data from the biggest Credit Bureau in Ukraine

Non-traditional data, the data from governmental registries, and credit bureau data (both #ПВБКИ and УБКИ) will be available in one unified interface and single window. All dozens of thousands of data points will be analyzed and structured by Upswot on Lenders’ premises

#Upswot offers flexible “rules constructor” so that any Lender could adjust risk acceptance policy and automate onboarding and decision-making processes, helping underwriters and financial analyst save by up to 80% of the time and 95% of the costs usually needed to evaluate SME

Bohdan Pshenychnyi, thanks a lot for your endless support!

The next step is cross-borders option for foreign Lenders

P.S. We have also added and ROZETKA to help Ukrainian entrepreneurs simplify loan application processes and influence the loan deal with the Lenders by sharing financial metrics

Владислав Чечёткин – we have to admit, that your marketplace has the best API and technical documentation on the market

Huge thanks from our software development team:)