UC Berkeley: Haas School of Business

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One of the biggest advantages of the Berkeley SkyDeck is access to the resources and support of the UC BerkeleyHaas School of Business – UC Berkeley, Postdocs from #BerkeleyScienceFellowsProgram, and UC Berkeley Division of Data Science and Information

We are proud that 48! data scientists decided to join our company to help us structure, map, and analyze the data from dozens of alternative data sources – especially those that are popular in the U.S.

We will join efforts to improve our #underwritingmodels based on the combination of hundreds of thousands of data points and more importantly – to develop insights-based marketing & risk #propensitymodels

Thus, in addition to ongoing monitoring of all the events SMB face in real-time, #Upswot will also predict what will happen with the SMBs in future, what the issues they will face in upcoming months, and how their needs will modify in order to automate reactions of decision-making engines and marketing tools of the #Lenders and #Insurers

We will help our clients not to spam SMBs but to send the offers they currently need before they go to their competitors

We are constantly growing and with the help of #Berkeley University, we will grow even faster

Сергей ГладченкоСергій Наточій you are doing great things with the data now and I am sure, that with the help of Berkeley data scientists you will move even faster