Put the finger on a pulse of your SMB clients

Upswot provides ongoing tracking of all events SMB face in real-time. Based on continuous monitoring of the business systems, Upswot increases cross-sell rates by up to 15%, providing Banks with the insights into what their SMB clients need before they even reach out… and certainly, before they go to their competitors.


Banks can use Upswot both with the new and current clients

We have developed the methodology and the business case 
of how to involve current clients and motivate them to provide access to the data


Examples of the events that Upswot tracks and which can be used for relevant notifications



The client is added to the list of relevant marketing offers or notifications to the relevant employees of the Lender


New revenue streams & Lifestyle banking

Upswot tracks the need of the SME & SE in main and even additional products and increases cross-sales rates by up to 25%

Factoring, Leasing

Credit, Deposits

Card Products

Banking Guarantee

Business applications

Insurance products



Services and subscriptions

Tech and gadgets

Furniture and interior

Business services: Accountants, lawyers, audit, etc.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation of the cross-sales offers based on the insights of the SME & SE events, issues, and needs

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