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Since today, every couple of months, our CEO will make reports about our achievements in business, technology, and team-building aspects

August – September:

1) We got the first paid pilots with 2 very big U.S. banks valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars each
Thanks a lot to Caroline WinnettChon TangKarly WangAndrew Karsh and Marc Meyer for supporting us with these highly crucial contracts

2) We got 2 more banks and one non-banking Lender in CEE
The most crucial aspects of these deals, that 2 of them were closed in 2 weeks after the first demo of the product
To close the deal with the bank in 2 weeks… well, this is really exciting:)

3) Our CEO decided to take 4 Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley MBA students (out of 11 who wanted to work with us) and involve them in our business development processes in the U.S.
They are experienced professionals in banking, consultancy, and even Venture funding
That will definitely speed up our scaling in the U.S.

4) We released a new version of the “SMB Dashboard” after many months of tests with 2 banks 

Huge thanks to Nikita Shkurchenko and Dmytro Savitsky for all the hard work you did to make it happen
Also, we are very grateful to the Alior Bank SA design team for helping us with UX/UI questions. Guys, you are great!

5) Nikita AzarchenkovSerhii HladchenkoSerhii NatochiiSergey Malinevskiy were working 18 hours a day to structure dozens of thousands of data points coming from XeroFreshBooksFreeAgentYodleeSalesforceSAP S4/Hanna, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Financial Cloud, Zoho Books, Zoho CRM, Sage, Odoo, Billy,  OptiMes od Syneo.plLiqPay – самые простые платежиYandex.MetricaUber Driver, Uber for business, QIWI Russiaifirma.plAllegroInstagram for business, inFaktМое Дело ( – Ю-Контрол,  and 14 others that we had connected for the last 4 months

6) Some technical details we added and improved with our technical team managed by our ninja CTO Andry Davydchuk

* Special folder for data input/output and system settings update – “Import/Export” Folder.
* New system log architecture
* Universal Upswot inside search engine to manage hundreds of thousands of cases and clients profiles
* Improved product Architecture – Quartz & CacheStore implemented
* Bug Fixing of Intuit QuickBooks and #1C
* Application card view updated with the customizable table view
* Flexible admin tool for dashboard customization
* New design of Bank Analyst workplace interface
* Lastly, we added a Multilanguage tool – #Upswot will speak your language!
* and dozens of others

7) And all these achievements are protected by our legal genius – Vitaliy Sorochan

8) For sure, the next month will be even more exciting because of Dmytro Syvolap and Yaroslav Yaroslavskiy who are working on 7 very important deals in Europe, while our CEO is focused on the new contracts in the U.S. and preparation to Money20/20

If you are still reading, that means that you are in one of the following categories: friends, competitors, clients, VC, or wives who don’t see us very often at home:)
P.S. On the 1st of October we became 11 months old company. Our baby is growing

The deck can be found here: