Startup growth

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In any startup, there are only 3 most crucial things that will make it grow:
1) Team
2) Team
3) and Team

And in any startup, there 2 types of the teams – internal and external

In both cases, it is very important to have hard-working, intelligent, experienced, and reliable people

The synergy between the internal (software developers, designers, business developers, founders) and external teams (accountants, lawyers) is obligatory to make the company successful and huge

Recently, in the last minute, we had tremendously important documents to prepare, sign and send. In the last 3 hours before the deadline, we found out that people we counted on couldn’t do this despite the fact that they had weeks to notify about this

That is the time when JB Solutions – księgowość i doradztwoJacek Basiukiewicz, and his team came on the stage 

By working until late night, they did everything possible to help our company to solve this issue and make everything on time

Sh*t happens, the question is if you manage to solve all the problems coming out of this

We highly recommend Jacek and #JBSolutions to all the startups as the trusted and reliable legal and accountancy partners to work with