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2 weeks ago we got “No” from #SAPFoundry

Though, in Upswot, we consider “No” as something coming before “Yes”

So, we started communicating with them through official email, LinkedIn, and through the people we work with and partner

Today we got an email stating that we passed to the final selection stage and will present our solution to the board of #SAP

Below, is the conclusion with my own thoughts, based on my own experience and I hope that would help at least someone.

1) “No” is not “No” forever. Sometimes they say “No” and very often this is not the final answer -;)

Being persistent, polite, and improving your offer you can get “Yes” later

2) Executives in corporations are also humans, though, sometimes it is something difficult to believe in -:) Their job makes them responsible for thousands of people and their families, pushes them to be straight forward, thinking in metrics manner but they are the people that believe in relationships and not in something like: “Machine learning, AI, Big Data, give me your money now” и прочее бла-бла-бла, как недавно выразился один любопытный человек -:)

Don’t sell, build relationships!

Also, top executives are regularly very smart and experienced people who can help you with the honest feedback and their network. And that is the most important!

3) The following line in the official email was very interesting:
“We reviewed your pitch deck with our subject matter expert team and they are looking forward to hearing more from you”

That just means that your application can be considered by professionals from another industry who don’t know anything about your business

Be polite, persistent (but don’t cross this highly hidden border being too pushy) and get the right people to evaluate your offer

4) Even, whatever you do, your offer is still rejected, no worries – “No” now is something that is coming before “Yes”:)
The most important to find out why your proposal is rejected. If you know this, you can improve and try again later

Actually, we don’t know if we pass the final stage or not, but for sure, we will get feedback, meet new people to build relationships with, and will get on the radar of our potential acquirer. Actually, we are already there;)

Good luck to all of us. Honestly, startup job in lots of aspects is even more difficult then the corporates have. The positive moment in this, that we do what we love, and they know this;)