Predictive Insights for
Proactive Solutions

Banks can increase up-sell and cross-sell rates by up to 25% with real-time tracking and actionable sales alerts available either in upSWOT interface or in your CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.

The Business Banker Experience


upSWOT surfaces the right data at the right time to support your call-center reps and business relationship managers with insights and pro-active alerts that strengthen the relationship and build loyalty with your small-medium enterprise customers

Actionable Insights


upSWOT transforms data  connected by your customers during the loan application process or via their business health dashboard into concrete actions that focus attention on new opportunities to better serve the customers and make timely product offers.

Financial Reporting,
Detailed Audits, and Data Verification


Drill down into transactional data, tax returns, AR/AP, payroll, and other financial details of business operations and performance. Data can be easily downloaded or transformed into various structured formats for use across internal systems.

Early Warning System


The Early Warning System helps bankers immediately see and react to critical changes in a client’s business activity.

Upswot Business Health Score


A proprietary business health score is compiled based on continuous re-assessment of all financial and non-financial metrics that measure business performance and potential risks.

Aggregated Portfolio View


Get insights into trends and performance across your customer base on a single screen to easily monitor churn, engagement, the efficacy of marketing campaigns, loyalty metrics, and more.

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Business Credit Data

Up-to-date Business Credit data from global credit data bureaus to help underwriting, loan decisioning, portfolio risk management, and other vital processes

Anomaly Detection

Flexible and customizable monitoring system designed to track suspect events and data anomaly trends from more than 150 API-connected apps

Customer Segments 

Regular weekly reports help relationship managers optimize customer outreach activity thanks to customer segmentation across various metrics and indicators

Permissioned Access

upSWOT provides a flexible security scheme to maintain permissions and rules for accessing customer data across individual employees or departments