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upSWOT makes typically cumbersome financial applications and data sharing amazingly simple and convenient for businesses. 

How It Works

1. Simple Set-Up.

With a white-labeled authorization process, banks can offer their business customers a more confident and seamless experience that eliminates the need for manually exchanging sensitive financial data. 

• No need for developers or tech guys to get started. Get a cloud-based version of upSWOT almost instantly.

• Deploy upSWOT on a private cloud (Amazon WebServices, Azure, IBM, Oracle Private Cloud) for remote access and flexibility.

2. Effortless Engagement

Applying for financial products and authorizing data access is simple and easy for businesses through their bank’s online portal.


• Businesses can easily apply for new products within the platform, making it easier than ever for banks to strengthen their customer relationships

• Based on the issues and opportunities revealed in the dashboard, banks can offer actionable Insights to help business customers plan for future cash flows.

3.Paperless Onboarding

Businesses can feel more confident sharing their data with through a seamless, digital exchange that allows them to influence the terms of a product offer in real-time. 

 Eliminate the manual exchange of sensitive information for a more secure and seamless process. 

Powerful data analysis gives businesses a deeper understanding of their financial performance and the ability to make updates or changes instantly. 

4. Flexible, Unified Data Model

All data is remapped and structured automatically, saving banks a tremendous amount of time and money to better serve their business customers.


• upSWOT creates a unified dashboard of all business data so analyzing and communicating financial performance to customers is simple.

• Customizable widgets allow banks and businesses to modify their dashboard based on their specific processes and rules.

5. Real-Time Performance Alerts

Banks can set automated alerts and request a drill-down analysis of any positive or negative events impacting their business customer.

 With continuous analysis and automated alerts and sales offers, banks can offer new solutions and strengthen their business customer relationships.


Paperless Onboarding

Businesses can apply for products and change terms easily, giving banks full visibility into their financial position.

"Thin file" Problem

Full access to businesses’ data helps enrich credit decisioning, and increase acceptance rates by up to 25%.

API-enabled Services

By using native APIs of connected apps, all data is shared in a consistent, secured, and reliable way.

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Automated monitoring and alerts allows banks to predict future business performance.

Dynamic, Automated Reporting

All business data is aggregated and reported automatically, 
offering a powerful
perspective of their financial position. 

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