New Upswot Advisory Board Member

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Александр Горный (Alexander Gornyi), former Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer of the Group, co-founder of #UnitedInvestors, and Deputy CEO of CityMobil is joining Upswot advisory board to help us grow

• While working in group, Alexander managed five big M&A and investment deals 200 million dollars totally: #DeliveryClub#Geekbrains#ZakaZaka#amru, and #Citymobil. All five are successful.
• Four new internal business lines in group: #Beepcar#Pandao
#CheaperTogether (“ДешевлеВместе”) and #Notify. Three from four are successful. 
• Increased by 13 times the number of orders in Citymobil in less than a year
• Former Head of #ICQ – the messenger that created the whole new industry
• A huge amount of contacts in various industries and countries

All this experience will help us grow and develop the proper scale strategy and sales plans

Alexander, thanks a lot for your trust. For sure, together with you, #Upswot will grow much faster!