New Upswot Advisory Board Member

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Василий Глазунов (Vasyl Glazunov), the Vice President of the one of the biggest Credit Bureaus in Ukraine (#PVBKI) is joining the advisory board of Upswot, proving that we are moving in the right direction

Vasyl will invest in our company his expertise and experience to help us adjust our technology for the needs of the banks, factoring, leasing companies, and non-traditional lenders

On top of that, together with Vasyl and PVBKI we are working on 2 tremendously important projects and the first one we can disclose now

Since today, #Upswot has access to the APIs of the Bureau.
That means that the bureau will be available to all our clients (both in Ukraine and abroad) in addition to dozens of data sources and business systems we support

Furthermore, the borrowers will have an option to share their credit history with the Lender themselves in order to get a better deal and better chances to get the loan.

The new way of pulling the data from the Bureau will help Lenders to cut the costs, improve interaction with their clients and save resources on integration support

In addition, that gives an option to Ukrainians living abroad, especially in #Poland, to increase the chances of getting a loan by sharing own credit history from Ukraine in several clicks and absolutely legally

We also hope that Andrew Kaminsky and Bohdan Pshenychnyi will join us and provide access to the API of their Bureaus so that all our current and future clients both in Ukraine and abroad could use the new option we offer