Microsoft for Startups

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Microsoft for Startups is the program which replaced #Bizspark+ and offers benefits to the startups globally, but with one huge difference – all the benefits are available only to the trully best startups, with great teams, and unique technologies 

The selection process is tremendously tough and unlike the previous programs, only dozens of startups are accepted to the new one

Our team is extremely grateful to Bartek Kuźnickiand Olenka Kolikhova for their support, advice, and help in joining the TOP startup community, powered by Microsoft

Upswot gets:
* Dozens of thousands of dollars on Azure cloud
* Office 365 Business subscription
* Technical team from Microsoft to help us with any questions we have
* Salespeople and business developers to get in contact with decision-makers and help us scale globally
* And lots of other perks

P.S. Very soon, 2 banks in the country out team loves, will launch the pilots with #Upswot, based on Azure servers which are generously provided by Microsoft