Automate Personalized Marketing Journeys

Based on continuous re-assessment of all issues and needs, upSWOT sends highly relevant offers at the right time to the right customers 

A Better Way to Serve Businesses

upSWOT automates highly personalized marketing campaigns to support business customers with the products, insights, and services they need before they reach out to your competitors



upSWOT automatically segments all your business customers into categories to track their needs and issues in real-time based on the data they connected through loan onboarding and business health dashboard

Actionable Messaging


Highly personalized timely emails, push notifications, and text messages are sent at the right time, to the right customers, with the right product offers or timely recommendations

Seamless Integration


The marketing automation module can be connected to internal CRM platforms, marketing automation systems, business orchestration workflows, and even external ESP or IP telephony providers including Mailchimp, Twilio, and many others


upSWOT automatically tracks all business activity and recommends optimal solutions through email, push notifications, or text messaging

Relationship Building

By initiating automated campaigns and notifying relationship managers about new opportunities and risks, bankers become more supportive, pro-active and sales efficient

Smarter Banking

Actionable insights help banks increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by 25% by offering customers solutions that will shape the future of their business

Marketing Automation

upSWOT creates an enhanced banking experience, complete with marketing automation, so you can offer your clients the solution they need before they know they need it