#EasyPay with Upswot

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Starting off the next month, all the banks in Ukraine will have an option to pull the data from #EasyPay through Upswot

#SME and even consumers, while applying for a loan (also, mortgage, credit line, deposit, banking guarantee, new account, etc) at the website of a Bank will have an option to share contact information, transactional data, utility bills, information about credit cards of other banks and their usage history, cell phone top up history, and other services used and paid for

The more data the client shares with the Bank, the better interest rate on credit/deposit or the better credit line/banking guarantee terms he gets

We are happy to work with the most innovative payment system in #Ukraine and with you, Владимир Пушенко (Vladimir Pushenko), Алексей Авраменко (Avramenko Aleksey), Oleksandr Lapko

P.S. In the following 3 weeks, one of the biggest banks in #Ukraine will be the first one to try EasyPay data through #Upswot in addition to 62 ERP, CRM, accountancy, eWallets systems we support