What do Today’s Banking Customers Actually Want?

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As a top executive in a financial institution serving small businesses, you may have serious questions about what today’s banking customers actually want. After all, you work hard to understand their needs. You work harder to deliver on those needs while providing the core financial functions at the center of your financial institution’s value proposition. It’s a lot of hard work. So what do today’s banking customers actually want? And how can working with upSWOT help you deliver without adding even more tasks to your responsibilities?

There was a time when all banking customers had to come to brick-and-mortar stores to get service. And in those days, the bank offered all sorts of niceties to make their customers just a little happier to come in. This included keeping enough staff to keep the lines moving, and making sure to have rolls of quarters available for those who needed them. This also included coffee to help them wake up, and lollipops to placate little kids into being patient. 

Now that a large portion of customer engagement is online, how can you continue to provide better service and helpful perks? Integrating with upSWOT technologies means that you can provide a lot of extras, without you having to put in extra work. How about that – something that makes your customers’ lives easier, AND your life easier.

Today’s customers don’t want to have to call for anything unless they themselves decide that they would like to speak with a person. They expect everything to be accessible through an online portal. That includes access to great advice! It’s simply not realistic at all, however, to have consultants provide continually updated advice in each client’s online portal. 

Here’s the solution. The upSWOT portal includes the Insight Generator – by using the business’s own data, this tool is able to immediately assess the business’s current situation and give precise advice for the next steps for improving finances and operations. These insights are updated on a continual basis, making sure that the business owner’s fingers are always on the pulse of their business. 

Business owners would love it if you did more of the hard work for them. They are already busy – a lot of times focused on their product, and less so on the operational side of running a business. The more that you can do for them, the happier customers they will be. 

upSWOT provides a variety of tools: to help your customer boost their credit score, make better decisions, forecast cash flows, compare different future scenarios, etc. The portal does a lot of heavy lifting and provides an easy-to-use interface. They will be amazed at how much your financial portal can do for them, beyond simply receiving and sending their money. 

Your customer’s needs are simple. They just want you to know exactly the type of financing that best fits their current needs, without having to talk to you about their current needs as they may not even know themselves. They want the highest quality financing possible. And they want you to offer it at the exact right time. Totally reasonable, right?

While this might sound daunting, with our data-driven technology, we will know when is the best time to offer your customer financing, and your administrative panel will let you know so that you can reach out to your clients at the right time with the right offer.

Your customers simply want to be appreciated. What better way to appreciate your customers than to give them free access to this suite of powerful financial tools so that you can better meet their needs?

You also deserve appreciation for all of the hard work you do. Thank you for working hard every day to bring your business customers a better financial experience.